Portable Particle Counter

MET ONE portable 3400-series

The METONE 3400 Series was designed for a broad range of cleanroom applications like particle counting in an aseptic production environment, process trouble shooting and classification/qualification measurements according to ISO 14644-1.
3400-series legacy particle counter
Isokinetic probe
Robust, Stainless Steel Enclosure
The MET ONE 3400 series is a very robust and reliable portable particle counter with a full stainless steel enclosure and stands for accurate and reproducible particle counting according to ISO 21501-4 all in compliance with the EU-GMP Annex 1. The data integrity has been further improved with the optional paperless-pdf functionality to comply to the FDA ALCOA-Guidance. The paperless pdf functionality eliminates data errors, saves time and costs while processing raw data.
Cleanroom Applications
The MET ONE 3400 Series is a portable air particle counter, easy to use and reliable solution for a wide variety of cleanroom applications.
  • Industry’s first embedded secure data transfer for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Sample plan wizard for 14644 & Annex 1 compliance
  • Supports ISO 21501-4 compliance for unit-to-unit accuracy & reproducibility
  • One-touch sampling & location ID
  • Embedded location & sample recipe management
  • Dual hot-swappable batteries for continuous operation
  • Software & test wizards for easy error-free configuration
  • Open communications architecture for seamless facility integration & data management
Upload data to Facility Monitoring System (FMS)
MET ONE 3400 Series is easy to use and easy to integrate for any facility or environmental monitoring programme. It is easy to setup the MET ONE 3400 for routine sampling through the use of software wizards that guide the analyst to configure the instrument for ISO 14644:2015, EU GMP Annex 1 and other common regulatory sampling requirements, the 3400-series make use of Long Life Laser Diode Technology.
The 3400-series can be used for environmental monitoring of grade C and D area’s or for real-time monitoring applications in grade A and B environments. The data obtained in the grade C and D environment can be uploaded to the Envigil Monitoring System by means of a download socket in the cleanroom area.
Download Socket
For Mobile Particle Counter Data
Environmental Monitoring Programme for non-viable particle counts
Application 3400-series portable particle counter
  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Monitoring
  • Particle Monitoring in micro-electronics industry
  • Compressed Gas Sampling ISO-8573
  • HEPA filter leak detection
  • Microelectronics Industry
  • Process troubleshooting
  • ISO14644-1 Particle Counting
Compressed Gas Sampling ISO-8573
The MET ONE 3400-series can be used for sampling of ambient air, but also for sampling of compresed air like nitrogen. The 3400-series can be connected to the MET ONE high pressure diffuser optional accessory to sample compressed air up to about 8 bar. For the determination of the microbial contamination levels in a compressed gas line we refer to  our Emtek P100 Microbial Samplers.
Compressed gas sampling
Viable monitoring of compressed gas
High Pressure Diffuser