Handheld Particle Counters

Handheld Particle Counter

MET ONE HHPC+ Series handheld particle counters allow for easy ISO Class 5 to 7 monitoring in hard-to-reach places. The HHPC+ particle counters are lightweight with a high-resolution display, these handheld counters are ideal for routine monitoring of controlled environments and mini-environments, easy filter leak troubleshooting for particle-contamination issues, spot-checking critical areas, and targeting particle generation within process equipment.
Handheld Particle Counter
Handheld Particle Counter
Lightweight easy to use handheld particle counter, 2, 3 or 6 channels
The HHPC+ particle counters are used in many hospital pharmacies to monitor particle concentrations in laminar flow cabinets and in GMP-regulated cleanrooms.
  • ISO 14644-1 Class 5 (or higher) compliant sampling
  • Counting efficiency to ISO 21501-4
  • Zero count level to JIS B9921
  • CFR part 11 compliance enabled
  • 0.3 μm – 10.0 μm particle detection
  • 2-6 channel detection
  • Single-hand operation
  • PC access to particle counting data via Ethernet, USB, or cable for data transfer
HHPC+ Range Features:
  • Sensitivity 0.3 µm
  • Leightweight design
  • Easy data storage via USB
  • Available with 2,3 or 6 simultaneous particle channels
  • Large color display
  • Large color display
  • Internal Audible alarm
  • ISO 21501-4 compliance
Applications in:
  • Aseptic pharmaceutical production
  • Cleanrooms
  • Monitoring in Laminar flow cabinets
  • Hospital Pharmacies
  • HEPA filter leak detection
  • Hygiene Quality Control
  • Contamination Control in Microelectronics
  • Laboratories
3 channel particle counter