Industrial Laboratory Liquid Counter

The HIAC 8011+ is the culmination of over 30 years of particle counting expertise. Designed for ease of use, one-button sampling yields results in under 60 seconds.
The sample management system ensures consistent, accurate data and is capable of testing fluids from 1cSt to 425cSt without dilution. HIAC – the benchmark in industrial liquid particle counting, the brand you know and trust.
Intuitive Sampling
  • Advanced instrument diagnostics with recommended actions for users
  • User alerts for particle settling & run-to-run variances
  • Intuitive key pad operation
  • Robust LCD Screen
  • Viscosity Range 1-425 cSt without dilution
  • HRLD Smart Sensor alerts for service & calibration
8011+ Laboratory liquid particle counter
contamination control monitoring of hydraulic fluids and parts cleanliness testing
HRLD Smart Sensor 8011+
β-ratio’s filter testing
The 8011+ is frequently used for contamination control testing of Hydraulic fluids and jet Fuels and for parts cleanliness testing in  the micro electronics sector. Filter manufacturers use the 8011+ for their determination of β-ratio’s of the filter elements used in the fluid power industry. The 8011+ has a wide range of reporting standards like ISO-4406 ,ISO-MTD or ISO- 11171 . No matter the challenge we have a solution for your particle counting requirements.
Cleanroom Management International - 8011
Cleanroom Management International - 8011
Take control of your fluid cleanliness with Hiac instruments
Time Savings
  • No dilution required for high viscosity fluids (<425cSt)
  • Automated cleaning & flushing routines, Backflush and Clean by Count
  • Sensor contamination alarm when cleaning needed prior to sampling
  • One-button sampling with results in < 60 seconds
  • Fast loading–up to 20 custom test recipes
  • Won sampling recipe setup in < 5 steps
Data Management
  • Pressurized sample delivery minimizes impact of air bubbles
  • Integrated vacuum/de-gas function streamlines sample handling for increased accuracy
  • Automated sample flow control ensures precision data
  • 18 Reporting Channels
  • Create up to 20 custom recipes
  • Paperless data transfer (*.pdf or *.tsv file export)
  • USB-Thumbdrive
  • Ethernet connection
  • Capacity for storage of 5000 records
  • Reports directly from the instrument
Cleanroom Management International - Remote Online Counter (ROC)
Windmill Gearbox
Contamination Control Measurement
8011+ Key Benefits
  • Viscosity range from 1 – 425 cSt at room temperature
  • 1-button sampling with results in under 60 seconds
  • Standards: ISO, NAS, SAE, GOST, DOD and ASTM, User defined
  • Size analysis range 0.5 μm to 600 μm (sensor dependent)
  • Interchangeable sensors smart HRLD-sensors
  • Oil & Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Power (Wind & Nuclear)
  • Heavy Machinery
Cleanroom Management International - 8011
Heavy Machinery
Contamination Control in Hydraulic Fluids
Cleanroom Management International - 8011
Heavy Industry
Oil and Chemicals
Cleanroom Management International - 8011
Power Industry
Contamination Control
Cleanroom Management International - 8011
Jet Fuels
Contamination Control
Fluid Compatibility
  • Akso Fyrquel™
  • Alcohols & Aldehydes
  • Aromatics
  • Diesel fuel
  • Esters & Ethers
  • Fuels: Jet fuel (JP4, JP5, & others), Kerosene
  • Monsanto Coolanol™, Monsanto Skydrol™
  • Ketones
  • MIL-H-5606, MIL-H-83282, Marston Bentley HW 540,
  • Mineral oil
  • Mobile Zerol™ 150
  • Shell Tellis™, Stoddard Solvent
  • Water
Cleanroom Management International - Remote Online Counter (ROC)
Heavy Machinery
Contamination Control in Hydraulic Fluids